Cignition , An Independent Pakistani Film Project Cignition , A veiwer choice Independent Pakistani Film Project , MADE IN PAKISTAN

Welcome to Cignition [Independent Pakistani Film]

Cignition is a viewer choice Pakistani film project by a team who takes pride in pride and doesn't believe "the way its supposed to be" is the way it has to be. We don't believe the critics are the final say - We don't believe money should be the boundary when it comes to doing a film. LASTLY, we don't believe the big wigs are the only wigs so once our movie(the viewer choice Pakistani film) hit the shelves ... try us on? im sure we'll be a good fit.

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What is Cignition , Independant Pakistani film on viewers choice , Made in Pakistan

Cignition is a viewer choice Independent Pakistani Film project recultavitaing positive hope in our youth. We have posted 5 STORIES of different genres (Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Sci-Fi) on our Voting Page. Viewers(YOU) can read the stories and vote for the one they like and the Top Voted story will be made into a Pakistani Film.

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When will Cignition Happen , The Independant Pakistani film , After 5000 Votes , Made in Pakistan

Once we have recieved 5000 confirmed votes , we will announce the top voted story on the website and start shooting it to make the next Pakistani Film. Within 2 months of the announcement , we will complete the film and hit the shelves.

The Votes shown on the right side are the TOTAL votes. Confimed votes are the ones which have been verified by clicking the link in the email sent to the user/viewer.

How will I get the Pakistani Movie made by Cignition

We have got the scripts, producers, director, actors, location scouts, and a fully functional and highly motivated team, and all the equipment. Once the film is completed, we will inform you via email and you will be able to get it on DVD in all the major stores.

CIGNITION : Viewers Choice Pakistani Film . Pakistan Independent Cinema Revolution.

Cignition : Viewer Choice Independent Pakistani Film Project

Uss Paar [Horror , 90 minutes]

Horor Pakistani film story

Four highschool kids venture out into the jungle to prove that they aren't afraid of the dark. The kids learn there is a real reason to be afraid of the dark jungle when they try to make it through the night by avoiding the undead and a crazed mad scientist.

Dabba Ho gya [Comedy , 90 minutes]

Comedy , Funny Pakistani film story

Two friends set out to make the greatest movie. They are in the midst of shooting a commercial when everything catches fire. Now, deep in debt , the friends struggle until a mafia don kidnaps them and their situation turns around. They are finally making a movie, but at what cost?

Energy Drink [Comedy , 90 minutes]

Comedy , Funny Pakistani film story

An accidental mixup of spices with grandmas special ingrediant, results in a new energy drink, called the Power Drink. The Power Drink is a hit right away, but soon comes under fire by an greedy landlord and the ingrediants get questioned.

Blue Orb [Sci-fi/Action , 90 minutes]

Action Pakistani film story

A glowing blue orb crashes to Earth. Chaos errupts as a human-looking robot leaves a path of devastation. Scientists assist the robot with out the military's permission and soon find themselves in the middle of a battle between robot and alien and the military.

Coffee Shop [Thriller , 90 minutes]

Thriller Pakistani film story

Mr. Abid , a Coffee Shop owner, is a suspicious man, and doesnt trust his employees. Soon after his newest hire, the news talks of a killer on the loose. Mr. Abid suspects one of the customers. Suspicion is on everyones minds, even the customers suspect the others.

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